Commercial Dog Park Installation Services

commercial dog park installation services willow grove pa

We are a nation of dog-lovers but it’s becoming ever harder to find places where dogs are universally welcomed and allowed to run and play off-leash. This is especially true in urban settings. It’s for this reason that we are seeing a rise in the urban installation of dog parks—areas set aside exclusively for dogs and their owners.

At first glance a dog park may seem to be little more than a fenced-in area of dirt, but for a dog park to be successful, there’s rather more to it.

We take the design and build of dog parks very seriously. We ensure that all the necessary permitting is in place. We work hard to incorporate everything the owners or community group are looking for. We spend time at the site, looking into any particular environmental issues that must be taken into consideration. And we pay attention to budget.

Some essential items are common to all dog parks:

Ideally the dog park will be 1 acre or more in size, although in constrained situations a ½-acre park will work.
The park should be surrounded by a 4–6ft high chain-link fence.
The access should be double-gated so that dogs cannot escape and it should be ADA compliant.
Whatever the surface material, good drainage is essential.
All dog parks should include shade and water, cleaning supplies—bag dispensers and trash cans—benches and tables, signage informing users of the hours and rules, and adequate parking if possible.

There are also choices, which can be influenced by budget, size, location, and environment. Ground surface can be sand, grass, or artificial grass, or a combination. Dog parks can be kept empty or they may include sculptures for dogs to climb on, obstacle courses for dogs and owners to play and train in, and more. Designs can be simple or more extravagant, incorporating more complex landscaping.

If you’re considering a dog park for your property, call us today. We can come on site, advise on the best location, help you choose plans, designs, materials, and work with you to create the only dog park that every dog (and its owner) wants to be seen in.