Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping Services

commercial parking lot sweeping services willow grove pa

Parking lots attract trash. It blows in from the surrounding areas, is inadvertently brought in on the wheels of vehicles, or is jettisoned from parked cars. They also attract sand, grit, and other abrasive substances that reduce the longevity of the asphalt and parking striping.

Keeping your parking lot clean and tidy brings many benefits. The appearance of your parking lot is essential to your brand—if your parking lot is clean and orderly it will speak to the professionalism of your business and attract customers. And a clean parking lot will discourage littering, reduce the possibilities of pollution, and deter rodents

You can help the day-to-day maintenance of your parking lot by providing easily accessed trash cans, but investing in a regularly scheduled cleaning service is always a good investment.

Parking lots on commercial properties are in constant use throughout the working day. So we provide customized scheduling opportunities to suit you. With 24/7 sweeping times available we can clean your parking lot when it’s empty and when we will cause the least disruption to your business.

Our services include sweeping, power-washing, and asphalt maintenance. We use environmentally friendly products, state-of-the-art machinery, and all our cleaning technicians are fully licensed.

To learn more about our parking lot sweeping services or to make an appointment for an on-site visit and estimate, contact us today.