Commercial Rain Garden Installation Services

commercial rain garden installation services willow grove pa

The concept of rain gardens is not new—it essentially mimics a natural ecosystem—but they are becoming increasingly popular in urban environments and commercial properties.

As urban areas have expanded and covered more and more ground with impervious materials our natural water systems have been broken. Run-off rainwater has long been channeled into treatment plants and underground tunnels but latterly towns are looking for more environmentally friendly ways to absorb rainwater where it falls rather than redirecting it.

The payoffs of a rain garden are varied—they look good, attract wildlife, reduce flooding and flash flooding, and can be used to naturally divert water away from your buildings. But they require careful planning and installation.

With nearly 50 years’ experience in landscape design and installation, Young Contractors has unrivalled expertise in reading local environments, solving extensive drainage issues, and planting for long-term solutions rather than quick-fix aesthetic.

Call us today and we will set up an appointment for an on-site visit. We can discuss the benefits of installing one or more rain gardens on your property; look for suitable placements; talk about the various types of permeable material for best drainage, and discuss the plants that we would recommend for your site—typically indigenous species in order to reduce the on-going maintenance requirements for your rain garden.

Installing a rain garden on your property will be the best thing you can do for your landscape, your hardscape, your buildings, and your environment.

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