Commercial Sidewalk Snow Clearing Services

commercial sidewalk snow clearing services willow grove pa

Sidewalks require unique attention in winter. It’s not enough to just clear them of snow, they have to be kept clear of snow and ice for the duration.

When a snow storm hits our crews will be at your property as soon as possible and as often as possible to snow blow your sidewalks and keep them open and accessible. When the storm clears the team will be back to tidy up… making sure all areas are cleared and tidy, that no snow has blown back or fallen onto a sidewalk and that there are no unstable piles nearby. They will also spread environmentally-friendly salt, sand, or grit to ensure there is no ice and that there is maximum traction for all pedestrians. If necessary they will use an environmentally-friendly liquid de-icer.

And our teams will return to your property as frequently as necessary to ensure that your sidewalks continue to be ice- and snow-free. If at any time we identify an area that suffers from unnecessary ice issues we will recommend landscape or hardscape solutions that can be introduced in the spring or summer to mitigate unnecessary cost or hardship in future winters.

When it comes to sidewalk clearing and maintenance you may see a small area of your property but we see the bigger longer-term picture.